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R5 the new reserve currency

  • The five BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – currently account for more than 40% of the world’s population and nearly a quarter of global GDP.
  • The “R5 initiative”, namely Rouble (Russia), Rand (South Africa), Real (Brazil), Rupee (India) and Renminbi (China), is targeted at the use of the respective national currencies of BRICS countries within the BRICS+ circle and more broadly in the world economy.
  • The R5 initiative is not a single currency? It a digital payment system so BRICS countries can use their national currencies in each others nations without an exchange or remittance fee.
  • USD is backed by debt. BRICS basket of currencies is backed by gold, silver, uranium, nickel & copper. China is backing up the Yuan with more gold.
  • Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, the UAE, Venezuela and Zimbabwe have also shown interest in becoming BRICS member
  • While BRICS accounts for 42% of the world’s population, its members have less than 15% of the voting rights in the World Bank and the IMF, according to the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies.
  • NATO countries account for just 12% of the World population. Brics is already 42%...if the others are allowed to join we are talking about easy 75% of the World being BRICS.
  • The US National DEBT is $31.3 trillion (Federal Reserve)
  • The US Unfunded DEBT is $93.3 trillion (Federal Reserve)
  • The US Unfunded LIABILITIES is $172.9 trillion (Federal Reserve)
  • US DEBT Held By Foreign Countries is $7.2 trillion (Federal Reserve)
  • US National DEBT & LIABILITIES is $304.7 trillion (Federal Reserve)
  • US National TAX REVENUE is $4.8 trillion (Federal Reserve)
  • The Interest Payment on the Debt and Liabilities exceeds the Nation's Tax Income … In other words the Debt and Liabilities are 'Unserviceable' … America is 'Insolvent' … Many see the Dollar as 'Junk'
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The name R5 for the new reserve currency was based on the first letters of the BRICS currencies all of which begin with the letter R (Real, Ruble, Rupee, Renminbi, Rand).”

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